(I will offer your link, if you want. Please drop a note.) – the website of the MEOE (Hungarian Kennel Club) – the website of the Hungarian Club of English Sheepdogs

Kutyaduma Központ – our dog trainer and friend, Noémi Kolozs's dog school in Vác

Netboard fórum – links about the BC-s – hungarian owners, breeders, shows, trials – Emese Fazekas's page: the team of samoyeds and BC-s

Website of Finn, Locheil Finnishing First

Forestry Farm

Love of Scotland

Our friend, Xanthine, the rough collie's site




Federation Cinologique Internationale (FCI) (Belgium)

Bordercolliecolors (USA) – the colors of the Border Collie

Border Collie Museum (USA) – a very interesting site

Feliciacelineolsen (Denmark) – Milo's owner, Felicia

Michi's dogs (Austria) – Michaela Sorré's dogs - find Tommy, the daddy of our C's

Dream's Border (Italy) – Kayla, Bordermania Be Just

blueborderstone. –Unica, granddaughter of Rosie, daughter of Kayla and co's

Pikkupaimenen (Finnland) – ancestors of Rosie, Falcor, Skye, Finn

Locheil (Scotland) – Falcor és Sky's breeder

Borderline Country (Austria)

Bryning (England)

Fayken (ENgland)

Tonkory (England)

Simaro Borders (Germany)

From Borders Paradies kennel (Germany)

Carolyn's Home (Germany)

Skuddenhof (Germany)

Licasa (Germany)

Nahrof (Australia)

Jule Too (USA)

Innisman (Australia)