My name is Judit Novák, I graduated at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Gödöllô as an agricultural engineer with specialization
in environmental protection and conservation. Unfortunately, I could not enter my original profession due to underpayment at this field,
but my affection towards the nature still remained. I chose breeding of dogs and this special breed as a hobby aside my present job.

We live in Mogyoród in a house with a big garden, We have no kennels or runs, our dogs live in the house with us. We have at the moment
five of them: Moritz is the eldest one, he is the boss and my once in a liftime dog, Rosie is a blondy miracle, she is enthusiastic of any kind of
dog sports, loves children and disabled persons. Skye is from Scotland, she is a beauty and the best mum ever. Nevis, although his legs are sick,
and he isn't very clever, is loved by everyone because of his kindness and trust in people. And we have Vixen, who wasn't planed to stay here, but
we couldn't fight the temptation what her unique look and extraordinary temperament ment to us. Moritz, Rosie and Nevis are desexed/spayed.

We have a small, friendly, but at the same time ambitious kennel. I try to give everything to my dogs as how I expect it by others who own
border collies. I'm happy to show my beloved dogs to people who are interested. I only breed one or two litters a year, but the puppies get all the
attention and love to be well socialized. We strongly hope that our dogs will be proper and well-prepared both for exhibitions and sport activities.


Please write me an e-mail, if you have any question:


the dogs and I