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G litter (read more)
Pikkupaimenen Ex-treme Action - Bordermania Cunning Vixen, 1-2 May 2015.

Jippo headVixen


F litter (read more)
Beesting Buzzwagon - Bordermania Cunning Vixen, 2. May 2014


E litter (read more)
Borderline Country O'Connor (Connor) - Bordermania Bewitching You (Bonnie), 7. May 2013

Connor portraitBonnie


D litter (read more)
Simaro Chase The Star (Lennox) - Locheil Be True (Skye), 7. March 2012

Lennox and Skye


C litter (read more)
Borderline Country Tornado (Tommy) - Locheil Be True (Skye), 27. April 2011

Skye and Tommy


B litter (read more)
Locheil Finnishing First (Finn) - Nice Of You To Come Bye Red Rose (Rosie), 30. March 2010

border collie Rosie, Finn


A litter (read more)
Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender (Cruise) - Nice Of You To Come Bye Red Rose (Rosie), 24. January 2009