We will have puppies!

After long considerations I decided to try a last litter for Vixen, and I was definitely successful, she's pregnant.
I expect lovely, old typed border collies, with some legendary dogs on their pedigree. The dad is the very hansome Nox!
Please, for more informations and photos visit my Facebook page, as I have a limited access to my homepage. 

26. November 2018

Rosie is 13, Nevis is 11 years old! Happy birthday sweethearts!

15. November 2018

We still have a male puppy (on the left) and a female puppy looking for a good owner.
Bordermania Iconic Fox and Bordermania Indian Summer.
They are 8 weeks old, healthy and beautiful!

More photos of the two (and of some other puppies) here



August 2018
I could tell you a lot about the last two years, but the main thing that we got older, we got single and we moved to a new place. Still I have 6 dogs and crazy cat who believes
he is a dog. We are very happy if you want to know more about us and our new life in Piliscsaba, so call me or leave a message at

And we let you know we hopefully expect puppies from Nessie and Sheldon!

Hugs and kisses from @Judit

5-6. April 2016
A bit sooner than expected and a bit more than what we'd been hoping for, our H litter has been born!
9 black and white puppies, 5 girls, 4 boys, all healthy and so similar we are hardly able to find the differences.

D litter


7. March 2016
Happy 4. birthday to my D litter, all the 10! Tigon, Nessie, Hope, Tuuli, Brian, Hugo, Kisma, Flower, Danny and River!

D litter


6. March 2016
We visited the Szarvas-tanya for a herding with Enikő (Nessie), Gabi (Brian) and Emese (Finn and Pippa) and of course with the dogs.
In the beginning it was raining, at the and almost shining, it was a worth it day.

Herding team


5. March 2016
And YES! We expect puppies from Nessie and Indy, more informations on the actual litter page.



28. February 2016
Robin, Bordermania Globe Lightning passed te basic obedience exam with 95/100 points. Congratulations Kati!

Robin picture


27. February 2016
A hiking up to the Csóványos, one of my favorite hiking routes. Searching for Spring, found Winter and snow.
With Panky and owners Gabi, Tibi and Ében and owner Anita.

Hiking team


19-21. February 2016
I'm not a big fun of shows, but sometimes it is just a must to show my dogs to other people because they aren't only smart and sweet, but also pretty.
Sally (Gaelic Charm) on both days JCAC, best junior and on Sunday BOS, Ében (Fortune Hunter) on Friday res.CAC, res.CACIB, Vixen (Cunning Vixen) res.CAC,
Brian (Devil May Care) on Saturday res.CAC, Nessie (Dragonfly) on Sunday res.CAC.
Upper photo: Sally (and Connor), in the photos on the bottom, from left to right: Vixen, Ében, Nessie, Brian.




3-7. February 2016
We travelled almost 1000 km to Poland, to ask for some nice puppies from Alderaan Sgian Dubh.
The old man and our lady did everything what they could to fulfill our dreams. ;-)


If the weather wasn't that bad (I mean it wasn't raining all day long), we've been hiking with the dogs and sometimes with my friends.
Pictures in this album


4. October 2015
The price of success is hard work: Enikő and Nessie (Dragonfly) passed the herding working test!
I have no part of it, though very proud of both ladies.
Click here to see the video!


14. May 2015
Agility results: Emese with Finn A3 1. place, Betty with Flo A1 clean run 2. place and Kriszta with Stormy clean run, 10. place.


1-2 May 2015.
Our G litter has been born! We have 5 boys (3 bw, 2 ee-red) and2 bw girls. All doing fine, including the proud mum and breeder. :-)
The parents are Pikkupaimenen Extreme Action and Bordermania Cunning Vixen.

G litter 0 day


19. April 2015
We were at the Slovakian club show. Ében got excellent 4 in junior males, Nessie excellent 1 and CAC in open bitches. And they were the 2 in pairs.


1. April 2015.
The ultrasound showed us some healthy puppies in Vixen's belly. So we surely expect puppies!!!
Pikkupaimenen Extreme Action, Jippo - Bordermania Cunning Vixen. Jippo is a beatuy champion of more countries, BOB, CACIB, and compets successfully in agility A3.
Vixen is junior World Winner, more times Best of Breed, club winner and also has an outstanding temperament.

1 magzat2 magzat3 magzat


29. March 2015
Emese with Finn agility class A3 clean run, 2. place! Very well done. :-)
You can watch their run here!

Finn A3 2. place


3-10. March 2015
We had a wonderful week in all over Finnland, I've been "uploaded" with many new experiences and the power of some very special people. The most important news is,
Vixen has been mated by Jippo, Pikkupaimenen Extreme Action, so we expect puppies with outstanding temperament and working ability around 2. May.
Jippo, beyond his show carrier, is on level A3 in agility and competes also in obedience. He is excellent with other dogs and people. Here are my photos.

Jippo és Vixen


21. February 2015
Fehova CACIB: Bordermania Fortune Hunter, Ében with Anita excellent 1., HPJ, Bordermania Dream Chaser res.CAC (judge: Ildikó Muzslai)


Winter 2014-2015
Some nice winter memories



29. November 2014
Jospehine (B. Cruella de Vil) in Wien, international dog dancing competition in class 3 (highest class) 1. place and the best result of all classes. Congratulations Orsi!!!



26. November 2014
Happy 9. birthday Rosie, happy 7. Nevis!

Rozi és Nevis


End of September - October - November 2014
Some pics of some hikings (not all of them). I have my favorite places as you can see, where we go back more times on a longer/shorter changed route.
First row: Diósjenő, Fallóskút, Prédikálószék, Mátrakeresztes. Second: Prédikálószék, Mátrakeresztes, Prédikálószék (I know, again...) Third: Csóványos, Hosszú-hegy, Mogyoród.


Prédikálószék hosszabbMátrakeresztesPrédikálószék



5. November 2014.
After a long time we could go to the sheep! Woohoo! Pics in the album.


25. October 2014.
Brainy (B. Frida Kahlo) best baby at the European Dog Show in Prague! Next day at the club show 2.

Brainy EDS


2014. október 19.
Milo (B. Can't Pretend) in Poznan, Poland open class CAC, CACIB, BOS and international champion, qualified for Crufts 2015!



4. October 2014
Koper (Slovenia) international dog show, Kayla (B. Be Just) working class CAC, CACIB, BOS. Kayla is on the right.



2014. szeptember 14.
Kisma (B. Dark Mirage) CAC, CACIB, BOB in Sweden


August 2014 (update with a pic taken in November)
I got a cat, although I don't really like them. It wasn't my decision, it was totally his, as he was the one who was coming to me when I went closer to see how can a bush cry loudly.
He told my dogs not the hurt him (saying pffff-pffff) and told me that I should take him home, because he is tired and very hungry. Nobody lives in that area, so he's been definitely pushed out
from a car. So I took him home, gave him some food and tried to find an owner. Couldn't find any, except myself. So let me introduce George, my cat, who's actually sleeping on my bed...
Two videos when I was confused what to do with him: Finding George 1, and finding George 2, at the end when he started to work on my soul, at home.

GyuriGyurika novemberben


30. August 2014
In the last seconds I entered Ében (Fortune Hunter) to the Hungarian club show (judge: Susanne Langhorst De Haan). We had only two days to practice, but he was so sweet
and behaved himself like a dream boy. We were very proud of him with his co-owners, Anita and Máté who do an excellent job with him.



25. August 2014
One of the cutest photos I got in the last weeks. River (Dream Chaser) with the bigger part of his family.



23-24. August 2014
While others visit the club-shows, we like to go for an excursion. This weekend in Bükkszentkereszt with a smaller, but happy team.
(And a photo of another walking, only with the dogs. Little Vixen, huge mushroom.)



23-24 August 2014
Felicia with Milo (Can't Pretend) at the Danish clubshow, in champion class (judge: Josie Large) excellent 1., club CC, BOB and got the Danish Club Champion title!
Next day at the special show (judge: Geoff Duffield) CC and BOB again and got the title club winner 2014. :-) Congratulations Felicia! (In the first photo the first pair)

Laura with Brainy (Frida Kahlo) at the Slovakian club show (judge: Heidi Poschacher) very promising 1. and puppy best in show. Congratulations Laura and I'm still waiting for the photos!!!

Milo club showBrainy


16. August 2014
Agility competition in Szada. Nóri with Lír (Core of the Tornado) A1 agility 2. place and Betty with Flower(Dwynwen) funjumping 3. place :-)))
Congratulations ladies, well done! Nóri's run here (not from the beginning), and also in the photo, unfortunately no pic of Betty this time.

Lír agility 2. hely


August 2014
And Pippa still would like to have an owner... She has almost moved to another country, I thought she had the owner I'd been dreaming about. But no, she wasn't the one either.
But Pippa is a dream! The smartest, coolest dog ever, very easy to handle, smart and clever, loves people, is great with other dogs. She needs an owner who would like to work with her.
Agility, obedience, herding, etc... But work, because she deserves attention.

Dream owner, where are you?

Pippa with ballPippa with peoplePippa at puppy classPippa moving

It was a nice walk with friends dogs and kids. Yes, she's also great with kids.


9. August 2014
2. Overnight Dog Dancing Competition in Ráckeve:
Emese with Finn (Locheil Finnishing First) 1. place in class 3 - here is a video of their routine
and Orsi with Josephine (Cruella de Vil) 1. place in HTM class! - Orsi's routine

Emes and Orsi


19. July 2014
Kemi, Sweden International dog show, Kisma (Dark Mirage) CACIB, BOB

Kisma Kemi Int.


8-13. July 2014
After a hard time in my life and a hard time ahead, wi deserved with my friends a nice short vaccation in Transyilvania, Székelyvarság. Some pics here.



July 2014
Fairy Oak, whom we call now Pippa, is looking for a new forever home! She has had fever for some days, so her owner decided not to take her home, but now she is healthy again,
and would like to find a person to love and who could love her back. She has an excellent temperament, very friendly, loves to play with the ball, sweet, clever little lady, really a dream puppy.
We go for a short holiday with the doga without internet connection, but when I come home, I'll answer every question about her!
Please don't call me, but write an e-mail: bordermaniakennel@gmailcom



8. June 2014.
Orsi with Josephine (B. Cruella de Vil) at OEC-selection in class HTM 1. place (just like always). Aaand Emese with Finn (Locheil Finnshing First) in freestyle 2. place! Congratulations ladies! And Finn!

Orsi és JospehineJosephineEmese and FinnEmese and Finn


7. June 2014
Kayla, Bordermania Be Just in Croatia CACIB show working class CAC, CACIB, BOS, and she became international champion! Congrats Martina!



31. May 2014
Katja with Kisma(Dark Mirage) tracking competition 273/300 points and Kisma is now Finnish show champion!
(In Finland you also need a working result to be a chmpion.)


2. May 2014
We have puppies! 5 girls, 2 boys, all black and white and classicaly marked, happy, healthy babies. More informations soon!

F alom


26. April 2014
Kisma, Bordermania Dark Mirage in Finland, Vaasa international show CACIB and BOB! Congratulations Katja!

Kisma BOB


30. March 2014
Puppies on the way! The ultrasound showed us some lovely (well, I presume :D), healthy little babies in Vixen's belly! I'm so happy, my little girly is going to be a mother. Thank you sweetheart!
More information on the actual litter page.

Baby heartVixen 27. day


30. March 2014
Happy 4. birthday to our B litter!

B alom


23. March 2014
Orsolya Sandor with Josephine (Bordermania Cruella de Vil) in Austria, Langenwang international dog dancing competition 2. class first place, and the highest point of the whole day!
I'm very proud and very happy, what an awsome couple they are! The video of the routine (tells more than tousend words)


9. March 2014
Kisma - Bordermania Dark Mirage - in Finland, Seinajoki speciality show ex.1., Best of Breed, group 2.! Congratulations Katja!

Kisma BOB, group 2.Kisma movement


1-8. March 2014
Hopefully we are expecting puppies on 3. May! I'm incredibly thankful to Dóri and Istvan, that they travelled with me to the UK, this litter would have been never happen without their help.
I'm also thankful to the owners of the Beesting kennel, Jean and Jimmy Entwistle (and Wendy), that I could use Benylin, he is gorgeous, over my expectations. And to many other people,
for example Katja for joining us and Heather giving us free tickets to the Crufts. We had a journey full of adventures in the Wigan-Manchester-Tideswell-Birmingham region.
In the photo my good friend Emese with Vixen and Benylin.
Albums: 1. March (travelling to), 2. March (Lyme park), 3. March (first mating and the Blackpool tower), 4. March (Manchester), 5. March (Benylin photos), 7-8. March (heading home)

Vixen, Emese, Ben


16. February 2014
And last I can talk about our litter plan: Beesting Buzzwagon, aka Benylin - Bordermania Cunning Vixen, aka Vixen.
I expect some great movers from this litter with correct proportion and excellent temperament. I do think their pedigree is also very exciting.
More information on actual litter site.

F alom


15. February 2014
And that you can watch some nice "sunshine and happiness" photos of our dogs, because we had here sometimes really nice weather regarding it's February,
here is an album of two nices walks (with Gábor és Erika),
and here is an excursion to Diósjenő with Enikő



6. February 2014
Kayla's (Bordermania Be just) owner, Martina got her Italian champion confirmation, so Kayla is not "only" intenational champion. Congratulations ladies!


1-2. February 2014
Felicia with Milo (Bordermania Can't Pretend) on Saturday in Denmark, special breed show CAC, BOB (judge: Heather Turner),
on Sunday, clubshow
CAC, adult clubwinner, BOS (judge: Judith Gregory).
Congratulations, Felicia! (photo: Emmy Marie Simmonsen)

Milo clubwinner


30. January 2014.
We visited with Vixen the eye specialist Dr. Ildikó Fenyves. Vixen is clear of all heriditary eye diseases, including gonioscopy. So now we are eagerly waiting for her season!. :-)


24. january 2014
This is a "double" day, because Indy (As Good As It Gets passed his therapy dog exam. Now he can officiialy visit sick, old and disables people and children too.
Congratulaitons to his owner Éva, I know how much work is in this result!



24. January 2014
Az a jó hír, hogy ötévesek lettek az A-saim, isten éltesse mindannyiukat, azokat is, akiket rendszeresen láthatok és moss főleg azokat, akiket sajnos nem.


11. January 2014
Anita was here this week with Hope (Dance of Hope) and Pepper (Eve's Apple), our main action was a herding in Portelek, Szarvas-ranch, but had also some lovely walks.
This is our "herding" album



11. January 2014
Woohoo! What a year start for Enikő Szücs and Nessie (B. Dragonfly). Winter cup in Tordas, their first agility competition, beginner's class - 2. place in Jumping, 1. place in Agility!!!
Video here

Nessie agility


January 2014
I had the opportunity to take some photos of Stormy and Pepper (E litter, Connor-Bonnie). And thank you for the other owners sending me photos (they are on my Facebook site).

Stormy standStormy headPepper standPepper head