Pikkupaimenen Extreme Action and Bordermania Cunning Vixen's puppies have been born on 1-2. May!
We have 5 boys and 2 girls, beautiful babies, mums and pups are doing fine.

With this litter, my dream that has been planned so long comes true... I needed some years till I was able to do a line breeding back to some
of my favorite dogs - with a male and a female both with excellent character, structure and health.
has a very funny character, she loves people, small children as well, gets along with other dogs and is in great love with the smaller ones.
She is extra smart and pretty, very easy at home, and never stops when she has the opportunity to move. She has hips A, elbows clear,
eyes clear including gonisocopy, CEA, CL, TNS free.
Jippo is also hips A, elbows clear, shoulders OCD free, eyes clear, CEA, CL TNS clear. He is Finnish and Estonian champion,
and also compets in agility class A3 and also in obedience. Great with people, males and he is just everything you wish for.

Video of the puppies here and 4 weeks old here and pics of the cuties here!

Vixen headVixen standJippoJippo head

Jippo ├ęs VixenUH 3 puppies


1 week old
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
Good Will Hunting
male, 281 g, b. 21.56

1. male
670 g1. kan
1460 g
1. boy
2220 g
1. male

Gaelic Charm
female, 320g, b 22.40

2. girl
750 g2. szuka
1510 g
2. girl
2240 g
2. female
Golden News
male, 345 g, b: 23.02

3. boy
760 g3. kan
1190 g 3. male
1650 g
3. boy
2360 g
3. male
Gretna Green
female, 265g, b 23.18

4. girl
530 g4. szuka
1290 g
4. girl
2000 g
4. female
Globe Lightning
male , 240 g, b: 23.40

5. boy
520 g5. kan
1290 g
5. boy
1900 g
5. male
Guide to the Galaxy
male , 350 g, b: 01.47

6. girl
820 g6. kan
1790 g
6. boy
2720 g
6. male
Glowing Cinder
male, 290 g, b: 2.16

7. boy
620 g7. kan
1470 g
7. boy
2300 g
7. male


Pedigree of the litter:

Cunning Vixen
Borderline Country Tornado Borderfame Heart N Soul
Lionheart Anya at Borderline
Locheil Be True Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender
Nice Of You To Come Bye Fields Of Gold
Extreme Action
Borderline Country Extreme Madeleys Time Challenger
Borderline Country Xdream
Pikkupaimenen Golden News Nahrof The Cohort
Pikkupaimenen Front Page News


Our Nessie is a superhero! With her co-owner, they do agility, herding, and therapy with sick and disabled children. And just look at her,
that amazing head, she is beautiful. I would like to have puppies like she, still searching for the best partner.

Nessie portraitNessie stand



If you are interested in a puppy, please be prepared for some questions. Border collie is a special breed with special requirements,
definitely not a breed for everyone. I would like to know if you would be the right owner for our beloved puppies, and would be very
thankful if you wrote some words about you, your lifestyle and plans with your new dog.