8-9. December 2012
Helsinki Winner in Finnland. On Saturday (9 months and 1 day old) Bordermania Dark Mirage, Kisma excellent 3., Bordermania Ddraig Goch, Danny excellent 1., JCAC!
On Sunday: Kisma and Danny also excellent 1, JCAC!!! Congrats to the owners, and I'm extremely proud of the brother and sister. :-)))

25. November 2012
On Sunday Milo (Bordermania Can't Pretend, Vixen's brother) won Best of Breed in Denmark. :D Not bad at all! Photo from Felicia And he is runner up border collie of the year (after Zorro).
And Milo's official health results: HDA, elbows 0/0, shoulders clear! I'm very happy!

Milo BOB

24. November 2012
BBBCK Slovakian club show. Judge: Barrie M. Croft. Bordermania Cunning Vixen (intermediate class) CAC, adult club winner, Best of Breed, Bordermania Aromo Amoroso (open male) res.CAC,
Bordermania Dream Chaser and Bordermania Dragonfly very promising, Bordermania Dragonfly Best Puppy in Show, Bordermania the best breeders group.
(Thank you for your help: Csilla, Enikő, Dóri!) Pics by Dóra Erdész

Vixen CACtenyészcsoport Bordermania

We visit with my dogs regularly the sheep in Portelek, Szarvas-ranch. I add some of my albums taken there at various times. :-)
Herding on 4. November 2012
Herding on 7. November 2012
Herding on 11. November 2012
Herding on 17. November 2012

Photos I like:

groupVixenVixen herdingGlenTuuli

14. November 2012
Nothing is more important than health! Back from the specialist, Bordermania Bewitching You hips A, elbows free, eyes clear, Bordermania Cunning Vixen hips A, elbows free (no eye check this time),
Bordermania Dream Chaser hips pre-scoring ok. Good, good good!

3-4. November 2012
Not really "our" result, but I'm proud of it. Felicia with Milo on Saturday CAC, BOB, group 4. and Danish winner 2012. On Sunday CAC in intermediate class! Well done!
(Photo from Felicia: Milo with his big brother Zorro)

Zorro and Milo

21. October 2012
APKK club show, Komárom: Vixen intermediiate class ex. 1. CAC, Finn open ex. 3.

Bordermania Cunning VixenBordermania Cunning VixenFinn Locheil Finnishing FirstFinn Locheil Finnishing First

Bonnie (Bewitching You), Vixen (Cunning Vixen) and Borsi (Aurora Borealis) all got there breeding licence on the same day. On the first photo our Dream Team!

Dream TeamBonnie Bordermania Bewitching YouBonnie Bordermania Bewitching You
Bordermania Cunning VixenBordermania Cunning VixenBordermania Aurora BorealisBordermania Aurora Borealis

And some videos I do enjoy so much that my tears are falling.
I'm like an old grandma, I know...

First of all Kayla, Bordermania Be Just from last year, finishing her herding test in Italy. Thank you Martina!

Danny, my little Dragon, Bordermania Ddraig Goch, cute-cute-cite! FromMirva, Finland. Thank you, Mirva!

Kisma, Bordermania Dark Mirage, I got videos regularly, how they develop in obedience end searching. Finland again. Thank you Katja!
Egy kis alapozás: és egy kis keresés:

Hope, Bordermania Dance of Hope, they don't get boried with Anita. Thank youl

And last but not least Flower, Bordermania Dwynwen, with Betty, Flo knows many trick in the age of 6 months! And we will get some new soon. Thank you Betty!

13. October 2012
TordasZoo cup: Emese and Finn had their 2. clean run in A2 agility. Congrats!

And we shouldn't forget their new DD routine. :-) Awsome!

8. October 2012
Senta CAC: Forest CAC, BOB, BOG 3.!

Forest Senta CACForest

28-29. September 2012
We were in Tulln, Austria. On Saturday, club show Forest open CAC, Nessie puppy very promising, Skye ex 4.,
Vixen intermediate CAC and she fulfilled the conditions of the title Austrian Junior Champion!
On Saturday Forest CAC, Skye ex. 3., Vixen ex. 2. AND we also met Tigon, thanks Reini for coming!


7-9. September 2012
Rakaca weekend... Was sooo nice, incredible! Thank you Ildikó Mózes, for organizing the accommodation, food, excursions, so everything, we all enjoyed it very much.
I took many photos, but my favorites are where I can see how much the owners and their dogs love each other. :-)
In the middle: all of us with a happy guest labrador, Lizzie jumping over, on the left lake Rakaca, on the right the sunset over the lake.
Next line, left to right: Árpi, Ildi and Glen, Monty, Orsi with Josephine, Zsófi with Suzy, Gábor with Tuuli, and 3 happy ladies with 3 happy dogs. Other photos here

RakacaRakaca teamsunset
Árpi, Ildi, Monty, GlenOrsi, JospehineZsófi, SuzyGábor, TuuliLadies

8. September 2012
Alexa with Madlen at the 8. Veres-cup 3. place (A2 agility). Congrats!

26. August 2012.
Julius K9-cup and Hungarian border collie championship, Zalaegerszeg: Emese with Finn 8 place out of 61 competitiors. Not bad, really not bad. ;-) Video
By the way, Finn got a new website, enjoy:

18-21. August 2012
Again travelling with doggies and friends, this time to Szentlélek. The place is beautiful, but I do not offer to anybody to visit the Turistapark there, the owner was hostile,
we were more time asked "not to create programs" - WTF! - there, to be silent, we even should have asked for a permission to turn off the light (really!). My photos.

18. August 2012
UFO dog dancing competition. Josephine (Cruella De Vill) with Orsi 1. class first place, Finn (Locheil Finnishing First) with Emese 2. class first place! What else!
So proud! The photos were on Facebook, I hope it's not a problem that I use them.
Here you can see Orsi and Jo
Here you can see Emese and Finn

Orsi and JoOrsi and JoEmese and FinnEmese and FinnFinn and Jo

17. August 2012
Very sad day. Leila, Bordermania Cyclon Eye died of babesia today. This is the last photo I have about her, 2 weeks ago, after swimming in the Danube.

Leila Bordermania Cyclon Eye

11-14. August 2012
How nice to have summer in a herding camp with own bred dogs and non-own bred owners! Eating, drinking, some herding, walking etc... So nice! This time in Portelek, at the ranch of the Szarvas family.
I have the most wonderful grandchildren, I took many photos, see bellow.
. Herding camp portraits and standard, herding camp Saturday, herding camp Sunday, herding camp Monday, herding camp Tuesday


August 2012...
Oh, oh, I do not refresh! So sorry! Of course, many things to share have happened... I only can hope that I do not forget something important. For example the D's are 5 months old:

Tuuli, NessieHopeKisma head

We walked every week some times, as always, that's not a news (you can follow us on Facebook).
On 6. August 2012 Bordermania Be Just, Kayla gained the title multichampion. Congrats Martina!


On 5. August 2012 Bordermania Aromo Amoroso, Chili with his owner Vica participated at the Hohe Wand Herding Trial in Austria. In beginner class they were 4. out of 7.
Great result, and Chili was the only "show" boy at the competition. And Vica, you are brave and my hero that you'd entered!

Chili Hohe WandChili Hohe Wand

In July Bordermania Aurora Borealis, Borsi with Hajni in semi-professional class 1., yearly point sístem 1.

Borsi frizbi

7. July 2012
Somogyfajsz, herding competition. Chili beginner class 50/50 points 1. place, Indy beginner class 45/50 points 5. place. Well done boys, congrats Vica and Éva!


4. July 2012
Hajni has sent me the results of Borsi (Bordermania Aurora Borealis) in dog frisbee this year:
- 17. March.: II. Kakucs-cup open 1. place - 60,4 m new Hungarian record
- 19. May: IV. Smaragd-cup, Sződliget - all results intermediate 2. place
- 1. July: Szada-cup - Quadruped women open 1. place
(photos from Hajni)


30. June-1. July 2012
I have had some problems with refreshing our website: our computer crashed, also the server (not at the same time of course), so now here are the news of the last month.
We spent the weekend in Bakonybél with many Bordermania dogs and owners,there were some hours when we had 20 dogs around us! Beside my dogs there were 2 A'a, 2 B's,
6 C's (including Vixen) and 5 D's, awsome! Thank you everybody for coming. Éve has organized the place and Móni Boros-Oláh showed us the Csillagda.

On the photos: swimming, Merlin, D's, C's with Skye, the twins (Lír and Suzy) and my co-owned puppies in litter D: River, Nessie, Tuuli.



15-19. June 2012
Our last puppy, Dragon, now called Danny moved to Finnland, and is owned and co-owned by Sari Solanti (kennel Pikkupaimenen) and Mirva Maanselka and her husband Leevi.
I had the opportunityto travel with Danny and spend 3 perfect days in this awsome country, which is full of lakes, forests, adventures and good people. :-)
On Friday night we travelled with Mirva and Leevi from Helsinki to Palokka to meet Sari and show her the new puppy. Next day Katja came and took me to an agility event, which was huge!
So many dogs doing this sport, unbeliievable! Later we went for a walk and visited Marjo and kennel Amazeme and pups. Had dinner with Anne and Minna, and after that travelled
to Lappeenrampa, where the Finnish club show was organized (in pooring rain). In the evening way to Katja's place near Oulu. On Monday we visited Oulu and the beach,
and next morning I had to travel home. Unfortunately...

Thank you so much Sari and Katja for your invitation!!!

Tuisku, Ruska, Raligood people :-)eveningLappeenranta

Breeder's groupRuska and KismaKismamidnight in Oulu

11. and 17. June 2012
Kayla (Bordermania Be Just) working class CAC in Italy club show, on 17. Milo (Bordermania Can't Pretend) JCAC, BOB in Denmark CACIB show, next day res.CAC.


6. June 2012
Makó CAC (judge: Dániel Harsányi): Forest CAC, BOB, res.BOG

Forest (Bordermania ALl Hell Breaks Loose)Makó CAC, BOB, res.BOG

6. June 2012
Enikő was at us with Nessie, who is beautiful and sweet in my opinion - what else do you expect from a grandma like me?

DragonNessieDragon and NessieDragon and Nessie

1. June 2012
We visited the Szarvas-ranch near Portelek. A good place for dog owners: you have the opportunity to herd sheep, to do agility or just to enjoy the landscape with your dog.
Big thanks for the Szarvas family for the inviting!

My photos

28. May 2012
I may look for an owner for our 11 weeks old Ddraig Goch. He has an outstanding conformation and movement and a sweet, friendly temperament. The ideal owner will work with him
(doing one or mind type of sports) and also show him regularly.

Ddraig Goch

19-20. May 2012
Incredibly successful weekend in Salzburg!
On 19. at the
World Dog Show Vixen (Bordermania Cuning Vixen) junior World Winner out of 23 junior bitches (judge: G Jeavons)! Forest (Bordermania All Hell Breaks Loose) ex. 2., resCAC
in open class (21 adult males, judge: Guy Ritchie) - also a result to be proud of, Milo, Vixen's brother (Bordermania Can't Pretend) excellent (congrats, Felicia)!
On 20. at the
World Club Show Vixen World Junior Club Winner (10 junior bitches), Forest ex. 2., res.CAC again, Milo World Junior Club Winner male :D

Vixen world junior winnerForestVixen and MiloMilo standingVixen movement

The photos: Vixen JWW, Fores res.CAC, Vixen and Milo, Milo standing, Vixen moving. All of the judges loved Vixen's movement and her lovely expression.
You can find more pics of her here, taken on Friday when we still didn't had an idea about the next two days - these are really beautiful photos in a wonderful city.
Photos at the WDS, and here are the photos at the club show

And while we were showing our dogs, Ildi, Árpi with Monty and Glen took part at a search and rescue exhibiton. The versatile border collie!

21. April 2012
Slovakian club show (23 border collies entered)
Bordermania Aromo Amoroso open males CAC, adult clubwinner, Bordermania Cunning Vixen junior bitches junior clubwinner, Best of Breed! Woohoo! Judge Tarja Löfman, thank you!

Chili standChili movementVixen standVixen movement

15. April 2012
Kalocsa CAC (judge: dr. Hargitai Gábor) champion class CAC, BOB. Congrats, Emmaboss!

Kalocsa CAC BOBKalocsa CAC Forest move

26. March 2012
Bordermania Be Just is Italian Champion! Congratulations Martina!

7. March 2012
Our puppies were born out of Skye and Lennox, 10 puppies, 5 males, 5 females, all black and white and healthy! More info and pics a bit later, I need some time to rest after the shock. :D

D litter Bordermania

26. February 2012
Dóri with Leila (B. Cyclon Eye) also made a successful basic obedience exam, 94/100 points, very nice result. Congrats Dóri! Some days later they came to us for some pics.

Bordermania Cyclon EyeBordermania Cyclon EyeBordermania Cyclon Eye

19. February 2012
Despite the terrible weather (try to work with your dog in water and mud), two of our youngsters had a successful basic obedience exam,
congrats Johi and Marcipán (Chaos Theory), Nóri and Lír (Core of the Tornado)!

On the same day we were at the Budapest CACIB. Forest ex. 3., Vixen (her first show) ex. 3. The judge had nothing to do with border collies unfortunately,
but I was very proud of Vixen, she behaved herself like a pro.

Bordermania Cunning Vixen stackedBordermania Cunning VIxen movement

11., 18. February 2012
Milo, Bordermania Can't Pretend's first shows in junior class. On 11. inernational dog show Denmark best junior, BOS, on 19. Danish Club Show best junior, BOS again! Congratuliatons Felicia! :-)
Aren't they lovely together?

Felicia Céline Olsen and Bordermania Can't Pretend

5. February 2012
We can't go for longer excursions because of Skye's belly, but still go for nice walks. On Saturday it was snowing, on Sunday the sun was shining, we enjoyed the weather on both days. Photos

Hajógyári Bordermania-séta

1. February 2012
The ultrasound confirmed, that Skye is pregnant! Read more on Actual litter page.
On the same day we walked on the airport in Hűvösvölgy, previous day on the Kevély

US Skye 3 puppies

22. January 2012
Actually, we can call it birtday walking, because our A litter will be 3 years old on Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather was so dark when everybody arrived,
that there is no photo of the real walking, but I've been waiting for the others hald an hour long, and took photos of my own pack. Photos

Moritz, Rosie, Skye, VixenVixenMoritzSkye, VixenSkye
The pack

5. january 2012
Simaro Chase The Star, Lennox mated Skye, Locheil Be True. We expect puppies on 8. March. More information on Actual litter page

Lennox and Skye

31. December 2011
We wih every single doggy friend and owner a Happy New Year! Our actual litter site is refreshed! :D

6. December 2011
If the snow doesn't arrive, we should go and find it - we decided it on Friday and traveled to Slovakia on Saturday - hurray, 40 cm snow all over!
It was beautiful and white and the dogs were incredibly happy. My photos

6. December 2011
I took my dogs and made an excursionwith them to the Kevély. Some nice pics we have.

2011. november 26.
We took part of the final part of the NextDog Top Model competition - the winners are Hajni with Borsi (Bordermania Aurora Borealis)!
You could find at this pleasure-ground everything that could be frightening for a dog: strange people, strong lights, incredibly sound, hot, owners upset, televison
- but all of the 14 dogs did a great job. and among them, our girl was the best! It wasn't a real beauty competition! They were looking for dogs who can work
under every circumstances, who have learnt many tricks and are very well handled by the owner, and so, are "all-purpose" dogs: for photos, adverts, films etc..
My good friend, Erika says it was like a very extreme character test. Borsi won a cover photo on a Hungarian dog magazine, a professional photoshooting and many other valuable gifts.
Congratulations, Hajni!

next top modelfotó: blikk.hufotó: Nők Lapja Café

2011. november 26.
Milo BOS puppy at the Danish club show, Felicia his owner was very proud of him. We are also proud!

Milo border collie club showMilo stackedMilo herding Zorro

2011. november 12.
Martina with Kayla (B. Be Just) did a great job: passed the herding test in Italy! Congratulations, Martina!

9. November 2011
Hey, good news! Hajni with Borsi are finalists in the Next Top Modell competition! Well done girls!
Do not misunderstand: it's all about the dogs, how well socialized they are, what tricks they know, if they are secure to strange noises, circumstances, people. Borsi is one of the best 10. :-)

4. and 6. November 2011
Herning Int. Show (Denmark): Milo (Bordermania Can't Pretend) best puppy on both days! The judge told how great temperament that little fellow had. :-)

Milo Herning CACIB

29. October-1. November 2011
What a wonderful long weekend in Bükkszentkereszt. But how is it possible that these four days has disappeared like a moment? The album is here


Sport results in October (woohoo!)
What could I say? A border collie is a border collie, and if it has a hard-working owner, together they can reach the sky. Bragging, in more lines. :-)))

Alexa withMadlen (B. Aurora Polaris) had their 3. clean agility run, and now they are in level A2.
Julcsi with Bonnie (B. Bewitching You) in K99 system skillfulness level 5 100/94 points. This was the highest level on that special day. Bonnie is just over 1,5 years old, Julcsi 15.
Orsi with Josephine - they didn't have a special exam (yet), but they are so promising together in dog dancing! What do you think?

And last but not least Hajni is doing such things with Borsi:

Borsi and HajniBorsi and Hajni

It's already October...
And I forget to refresh the site, although we have a lot of events every week. Fool me.

This weekend (1. October) after the nursery school with Vixen we visited with Ildi, Árpi, Csilla and dogs the ruins with Klára Salamon
(she does search and rescue with her dogs on a high level). Pics here

On 25. September we were at IHA Tulln, with not the best results, but it was interesting. Skye excellent (open class, she is still out of coat),
Forest res.CAC (champion class). Pics.

Before that Finn had in agility class A2 his first clean run :-), and he was also the fastest (in the video there are the other two "D" runs):

1-4. September 2011
We spent a long weekend at the lake Rakaca. The weather was perfect, and the circumstances much better then we are used to: we also had a swimming pool and a jakuzzi to enjoy our time!
The dogs could swimm in the lake, and they liked it very much. We visited the monastery at Martonyi, the castle Szád (early in the morning), the Rákóczi cave and the lost village Derenk.
It's worth to visit this region of Hungary, beautiful landscape and not at all too many people. Pics here.

pálos kolostorRÁkóczi-barlangSzád-várswimmingteam

20-28. August 2011
Our yearly herding camp in Rákóczifalva. The weather was very hot, almost 40 degrees, we slept in tents, which was uncomfortable, there were many mosquitos,
we were - how to tell it - smelly because of the hot and running after (or in front of) the sheep... You can understand how much we suffer from the whole situation here...
We would like to come back next year, because suffering makes fun. Pics here.

Indy herding

6-8. August 2011 (mainly 7.)
You can say we are not copletely normal, but we - Emese, Csilla, Bossi and me - travelled to Germany for a show and an interesting judge. I do not recommend you
to travel to Mannheim with dogs, people doesnÍt like them (bunnies and parrots are allowed to runand fly free in the parks - dogs not), but Heidelberg is a beautiful little city.
Ludwigshafen CACIB (judge: Helena Fitzgerald): Forest open class res.CAC, Joker (intermedia) vg 3. Pics of the show here.

MannheimFinn, Locheil Finnishing FirstForest, Bordermania All Hell Breaks LooseJoker, Bordermania Bolt From The BlueHeidelberg

5. August 2011
Forest CEA, PRA, cataracta, gonioscopy free at opthalmologist Zsuzsa Szűcs.

31. July 2011
Our Bordermania video is ready. Our guest, please take a look, hope you'll enjoy it. Thank you my friends for the idea and creating, I feel incredibly lucky with you!
Especially many thanks for Norbi Mózes, who did a huge work (music and video).

28. July 2011
Éva with Indy passed the obedience level 7 in K99! It's the level of BH3. Congratulations Éva, I'm very proud of both of you!

18. July 2011
Unfortunately Vixen came back to us. I'm looking for a co-owner for her! She is the nicest puppy, smart and ready for work.

16. July 2011
Wonderful Saturday! On Friday Milo's new owner, Felicia arrived from Denmark, together with Laura, Chili's (B. Breaking Dawn) owner. Thank you so much Laura for coming!
I invited them and the owners of our A's, B's and also C's to the sheep, and we spent a hot but lovely day in Rákóczifalva. It's a really long way, so I was very grateful to all people who were there!
We were porud of the 2,5 months old puppies, they run after the sheep and showed no sign of fear. A video about the pups and another of Lír alone.

B familyLírpuppy herdingVixen

the same day:
Hajni and Borsi at the Monor frisbee cometition free style beginner class 3. place! Congrats!

9-10. July 2011
What a great weekend we had! First of all our competitiors:
Finn got his 3. clean run and moved to A2! Tordas agility exam, 37 degrees, they also got one run with one fault and a DQ. Congrats Emese! There 3 runs here in one video
Madlen also had a clean run in Tordas, well done Alexa! One run with 2 faults and one with 2 faults and taking too much time. 2 runs in one video.
Chili at the herding competition 49/50 points, 2. place in Somogyfajsz in beginner class! Congratulations Vica!

Chili herdingChili with the cup

And we who don't compete had a lovely but hot walking to the Kevély, we watched the sundown from the top of the hill. Was beautiful!


8. July 2011
Julcsi with Bonnie (B. Bewtiching You) had again a successful exam, 3. level 91 points! Keep on the work girls!

2. July 2011
Herding comeptition, Rákóczifalva.
Éva handled Moritz in beginner class, they got 48/50 points,l 1. place and winner of the day! Well done Éva, well done Moritz. :D
Indy passed the herding instinct test (of course), and in beginner class 5. place with a very good, Chili Palmer 4. place.

19. June 2011
CAC Coka, Serbia. Forest CAC, BOB, res. BOG

13. June 2011
Komárom, Middle-European Cup: Joker junior males ex. 3., Chili open males ex. 1., CAC, Bonnie junior bitches ex. 4., Bordermania kennel breeding group 1. Judge John Ritchie.
This was the first show for our youngsters, also for owners, who handled their dogs very well. We are proud of them! Pics here
A video of Joker's judgement, and another video of Chili's

Joker, B. Bolt From The BlueChili, B. Aromo AmorosoBonnie, B. Bewitching YouBreeding group 1.

June 2011
I would like to find to our 8. bitch, Cunning Vixen a loving show home. She is free from genetically diseases, also from CEA (has been tested). She has an excellent temperament,
she is the clown of our litter. She has a beautiful face and conformation, and we believe she will be a great mover, regarding to her mum, Locheil Be True and dad, Borderline Country Tornado.
Please keep in mind: I don't sell her to live in a big kennel, she would like to be first of all a beloved friend. Read more about this litter on Actual litter page.

Cunning Vixen

22. May 2011
Many things happened this weekend, but I have only few time to refresh our site. So.
Our Glen had a lovely weekend with Éva, Ati and Indy at the lake Balaton, as you can see on our opening pic. -)

Forest CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG in Serbia! Congrats Emmaboss!

Forest BOGForest BOG

Hajni with Borsi in Szada quadruped 3. place, and she is 4. on the Hungarian list of distance frisbee with a 47,98 m! Congratulations!


Emese and Finn at a dog dancing competition 2. level 2. place! Congrats Emese!

12. May 2011
Forest's, Bordermania All Hell Breaks Loose first litter was born at kennel Bordertreowe. 7 black-white bitches, all healthy and classically marked.

Forest's first litter

29. April 2011
The puppies are here! From 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. 5 puppies were born, 3 classicaly marked boys, 5 girls, two clasicaly marked, 3 with splited face.
Mum and babies are doing well. More info on actual litter page

C litter - new born

11. April 2011
Cheers, cheers to Vica and Zoli, they croped and uploaded these videos the Youtube:
Chili herding
Skye herding
Forest herding
Forest in movement - slow motion

9. April 2011
We walked in the Pilis, exactly on the Pilis, and enjoyed the scenery

Pilis view

2. April 2011 (and before)
Last week, on 30. March our B litter turned to be 1 year old! Happy birthday Joker, Glen, Bonnie, Lizzie, Chili, Kayla, Spikey!
Martina, who is almost an angel, and a super owner of our Kayla, visited us with lovely Marco from Italy, and we could have a birthday party in Rákóczifalva. Thank you so much Martina!
Unfortunately out of B's only Csilla could come with Joker, but there were many A's: Indy, Chili, Monty, Madlen, Forest from Serbia, also Emese with Finn and Erika with the collies.

First line: people and dogs. I want to show you our guest from abroad: Kayla, who turned to be a wonderful looking, sweet, girl with a beautiful head and expression and an excellent herding instinct
(yes, they visit the sheep regularly!). I'm very proud of her, and can not say with words how thankful I am to Martina for giving a happy life to Kayla.
In the 3. line Forest, who looks awsome, really awsome, moves like a dream and has a good herding instinct! Thank you Emmaboss for showing him. I have a lot more pics here.

Kayla portraitKayla stackedKayla herding
Forest stackedForest movingForest herding

15. March 2011
Éva with Indy passed the obedience exam level 5!!! Congratulations!

12-14. March 2011
Long weekend in Hungary, beautiful weather, the spring is here! Welcome sunshine!
Saturday we walked in Szandaváralja with the gang, Árpi can always show us lovely places with the ruins of a castle, just like this time. The pics are here

Árpi and dogs

On Sunday we stood at home, walked in Mogyoród, and found a poulter - the dogs took a bath in it, just like in summer (see pics below).


On Monday the first herding of the year in Rákóczifalva! We have been missing the sheep, the feeling, the river Tisza so much in the last half year! Thank you, Laci! Pics here

Rákóczifalva team

5. March 2011
We made an excursion to Csővár with Ildi, Árpi, Éva, Ati, Orsi, István, Csilla and dogs. Beautiful weather just like in spring!
On Sunday we met Julcsi and Bonnie, who's 2. obedience exam was 95/100 points last week, well done Julcsi! You can see my favorite photos below: Moritz, Joker, indy, the team and Bonnie.
Here are the pics of the weekend


26. February 2011
Skye was mated by Borderline Country Tornado - it was love at first sight!
So hopefully we will have puppies the week after Easter! Watch actual litter for more imformation!

19. February 2011
With the Bordermania dogs we practice for the BH-exam, and for this reason we meet every week.
This video shows us with Vica and Éva, but sometimes Ildi with Monty, Alexa with Madlen, Csilla with Joker are also in the team.
This was our 4. training together. And yes, we have still many faults, but enjoy it so much! :-) Thanks, S.K.!

19. February 2011
Agility comeptition in Mogyoród - Alexa withMadlen (B. Aurora Polatis) at her very first trial agility 1. palce, jumping 3. place, total 1. place!
Congrats Alexa! Here is there run


5. February 2011
The English Sheepdog Club had the yearly club event and dinner this day:
Skye adult club winner bitch, Forest adult club winner male, Rosie club winner broad bitch and our Bordermania is club winner kennel. This trophy is based on a point system of the show results in the last year.
We are proud of this achievement, because only our very first litter was in the age to be shown!

Locheil Be TrueNice Of You To Come Bye Red RoseBordermania

1. February 2011
Nothing special in the last one month. Long walks with friends, cold and colder, snow... Here are some pics at home when the sun was shining.
Our A Litter became 2 years old on 24. January, happy birthday to every A!
We decided to get obedience trainings at least once a week, our trainer is Klara Salamon, she works with searching and rescue dogs in Hungary and other countries.
We and the dogs really enjoy her method, based on praise and titibits. This is our team on Saturday.

And the news of the day: Finn's 3. litter was born in Germany at Blue County Border kennel: 3 boys, 4 girl, all black and white and classicaly marked. Congrats Ute!

3. January 2011
We have a new "Our dogs" site! Please feel free to visit.

2. January 2011
Pilisborosjenő with Vica, Zoli, Ildi, Árpi, Éva


30. December 2010
Although I didn't refresh our website in the last few days, we had a lot of fun during the winter season.
For example here are some more pics of our walkings here in Mogyoród.

On 30. December Emese was so kind to travel to us from Kecskemét with her sledges, and we could organise the Big Border Collie Sledging Day with friends. Here are the photos

groupEmese, Hajniborder colliessledging

And I had the opportunity to take some stacked pics of our 4 youngsters of the litter B (as Emese was here and could help) - they are exactly 9 months old.
Bonnie (B. Bewitching You), Glen (B. Burst Into Blaze), Joker (B. Bolt From The Blue) and Lizzie (B. Bed Of Roses). More pics (portrait, movement) in the album

Bonnie, Bordermania Bewitching YouGlen, Bordermania Burst Into BlazeJoker, Bordermania Bolt From The BlueLizzie, Bordermania Bed Of Roses

19. December 2010
We had snow, snow and snow this week, in this album you can find many pics of our long walking in ths sunshine in Mogyoród and another one on Saturday with friends.

And the news of the day: Julcsi with Bonnie (B. Bewitching You) had obedience 1. grade exam, 98/100 points! Congrats Julcsi, well done! Julcsi is only 14 years, Bonnie 8 months old.

12. December 2010
Lucky dip dog dancing competition in Mogyoród. Emese and Finn in B class (advanced class) 2. place. Congrats!Here are my pics of the competition

lucky diplucky diplucky dipFinn and Glen

4-5. December 2010
Finn mated Blue County Border At My Fancy, Laura, see more on Ute's website


4. December 2010
Nice walk with many friends: Julcsi with Bonnie, Laura with Apacs, Éva with Indy, Vica and Zoli with Chili, Ildi and Árpi with Monty, Erika with her collies - Xanthine, Angie and the boy who is looking for an owner

On the same weekend like before
On Saturday Emese and Finn had a dog dancing comeptition in Wien. Here you can see i video of them, with some very difficult elements

26. November 2010
The first snow has arrived. The dogs have much more fun than me... And today (Monday) we have terrible wind and mud. I don't like it. Should be -5 with snow and/or sunshine or +10...
I have more pics here.

MoritzRosieSkyeNevisGlenBordermania group
herding MoritzMoritz, RosieGlen, RosieGlen stacked

20. November 2010
We travelled again to Slovakia, Nitra, to the club show of the Slovakian Bearded and Border Collie Club. They invite good judges and give beautiful rosettes, cups and gifts.
Chili (B. Aromo Amoroso, intermediate) at his first show res.CAC, Finn (open) ex 3., Borsi (intermediate bitches) CAC, Skye (champion) CAC, adult clubwinner! Glen was only there for socialisation.

Chili, Bordermania Aromo AmorosoBorsi, Bordermania Aurora BorealisBordermania show team

On the same weekend in Zagreb (2xCACIB, 1x club show) Tommy, Borderline Country Tornado, Skye's fiance at the clubshow veteran BIS, at the CACIB show res.veteran BIS, other day BOB.
Congrats, Michi!

Borderline Country Tormado veteran res.BISBorderline Country Tornado moving

13. November 2010
Hajni with Borsi, Csilla with Joker, Virág with Lizzie walked with Laura and Apacs and Anna with Fifi and Vanda on the Margitsziget. Hajni's pics

groupBorsiJokerLizzieLizzie, Borsi

29. October-1. November 2010
We were invited again to Bükkszentkereszt. This villlage in the Bükk mountains is always beautiful, the nicest season however is autumn.
Thank you Éva!
On the "all together" pic from left: Vica, Zoli, Ati, Éva, Péter, Ildi, Árpi, Chili, Rosie, Skye, Indy, Nevis, Moritz, Glen, Monty. More pics here. and here too

NevisGlenMoritzGlen, RosieSkyeRosieSkye, Nevis

23. October 2010
Éva and Indy finished there skillfullness 5. level exam in K99! Congratulations! I took some pics, but somehow deleted them later. :-(((
We started to learn agility with Rosie, Skye and Glen, it's funny. Rosie is so happy, she just has to run and jump and listen to her handler (our trainer borrowed her - thank you Bori!) to get ball and titbits.
This is something for her! On the 2. pic: Girls are wiating for me after dog school and puppy class. And a short video of the end of the first training.

agility - first training with Rosieafter dog school

18. October 2010
Laura sent some beautiful pics of Chili (B. Breaking Dawn) from Denmark, I'm so happy with them.
She is maturing well, turning into a nice and really hairy lady. They've started dog school and trainings for doing later agility.


October 2010 (the last two weeks)
We walked a lot, made a trip to the Pilis, and enjoyed the good wheather.
I would like to show now Hajnika and Borsi (B. Aurora Borealis), who are really awsome together in dog frisbee.
On this video they practice how to jump on Hajni's sole, then, one day later again. The are really unvelievable, aren't they? And some more shots taken by me:


1-2. October 2010
The weekend of the EDS in Celje.
Special CAC show: Forest CAC, Borsi CAC, Skye res.CAC, Finn excellent, Finn's daughter, Astonishing Abracadabra Bordertreowe Best Junior. Pics about this show here
European Dog Show (judge: Brenda Badbury): Forest ex. 3, Borsi ex.4, Skye ex. 4, Finn very good (don't ask)...
Rosie's and Finn's daughter, Bordermania Be Just Bes Puppy in Breed, congratulations, Martina! Pics about the EDS here

26. September 2010
We were in, Austria, at a CACIB show:
Forest CAC (intermediate), Finn res.CAC (open), Skye
CAC, CACIB, qualified for Crufts! Happy with the results.

And I could take a pic of Skye and her fiance, Tommy together. Aren't they a lovely couple?

Tommy, Skye

18. September 2010
A SUNNY day and happy trip to Pilisszentkereszt with friends: Ildi, Árpi (Monty), Éva, Ati (Indy), Julcsi (Bonnie), Vica, Zoli (Chili), Csilla (Joker) and my dogs - Moritz, Rosie, Skye, Glen
(Nevis at home with Peter, his legs are too bad :-((( )


11. September 2010
So proud. :-) Vica with Chili at the herding trial in Somogyfajsz in pre-beginner class: 48/50 points, first place!


19-22. August 2010
First of all, on Sunday Hajnika and Borsi at their 2. frisbee competition, at the Kathy Miller Memorial: time trial - 1. place (36 competitors)! Dual with Dávid - 2. place (18 competitors)!
Congratulations, your are both fantastic! (The photos are not mine, thank you all, who took them.)


On the same day Emese and Finn at the agility exam had clear run and got 2. place! Congratulations!


We travelled again to Laci Romhányi, to Rákóczifalva for 4 days. Laci must have been really happy with so many dogs, tents and noisy guests...
It was a perfect long weekend as you can see on my pics: with herding seminar, herding grey cattles, photo shooting, fighting, eating, sleeping, being excellent dirty, travelling and so on...
So sad at home again. :-( The rest of my pics are here, many


29. July 2010
Emese and Finn were at the BCC (Border Collie Special international agility competition), with one clear run they were 10. in A1 jumping (64 entries)! After that in the game called gambler 2. place, snooker 5.
Finn with his wonderful cups:


28. July-1. August 2010
A long time without any news...
We had a beautiful weekend in Rákóczifalva for four days, with herding, sleeping, eating (and drinking) a lot, playing with the dogs.
I want to say a big 'thank you' to Laci, who is the official guard at the Tisza dam in Rákóczifalva, who helped us soooo much, gave caffee, place to camp, and was absolutelly friendly and patient.
I have many-many new pics here, and some more here

Moritz, Madison of Forestry FarmRosie, Nice Of You To Come Bye Red RoseSkye, Locheil Be TrueNevis, Bryning Crazy For You
Glen, Bordermania Burst Into BlazeJoker, Bordermania Bolt From The BlueIndy, Bordermania As Good As It GetsChili, Bordermania Aromo Amoroso

11. July 2010
Rákóczifalva again... In this summer this is our vaccation. With Éva, Vica, Ati, Zoli. Standing up very early in the morning, hot, smell of the sheep... Was nice, as always!
My two favorite pics: Rosie with two of her sons, Indy and Chili, and Glen enjoying running in the mud. We have more pics, but we had to borrow Ati's photomaschine, ours went wrong. :-(

Indy, Rosie, ChiliGlen

Glen again... She is my little puppy,beautiful, very clever, loves people and dogs, ready to learn... I want her the best, this is the reason why I'm looking for a good co-owner for her.
I have 4 dogs at home, and try to give them the care and love they need, and I'm afraid one more border collie would be too much.

Glen Bordermania Burst Into Blaze

3. July 2010
Herding in Rákóczifalva. Our photomashine went wrong in the last minute, so a pic made by Zoli (thanks!): Bonnie, Monty, Chili, Joker, Indy, Borsi, Aya, Forest, Glen, Nevis, Moritz, Rosie, Skye, Finn, Nidhogg.
My pics are here. And here is a video of Chili, who got his herding instinct test on Sunday!

Bordermania group