31. December 2013
Our Happy New Year Tour from Pilisszentlászló to Pilisszentlászló! No fireworks, tired people, was great as always!

New Year Tour


26. December 2013
Finn's puppies have been born at the Dashing Dawn kennel, 4 boys, 2 girls, one boy is blue, the others are black. Mum and babies are doing great.


24. December 2013.
I got a huge Christmas present, one of the very bests in my whole life. No more words needed just take a look:
All dogs I've ever bred, personal story from the owners, photos, results. :-) I'm very proud!


8. December 2013
Orsi and Josephine did it again! Salzburg, Austria, Dog Dancing Competition, 2. class first place! Well done, I'm very proud of you!
Video here, search for Sunday, class 2., 42:43!


7-8. December 2013
We visited Wels, Austria, international show. Well, many of us, because there were Dori and co. with the aussies, Györgyi and Gábor with Tuuli, Enikő with Nessie, Erika with Angie, the rough collie
and myself with Skye and Vixen and River. And the nicest part of it was to meet with Klaudia, Viktor and Scala (B. Every Breath You Take) and visiting the Christmas market!
Saturday: Bordermania Dream Chaser intermediate male ex.2, res.CAC, Bordermania Dragonfly interm. bitch ex.2, res.CAC, Bordermania Cunning Vixen open ex.3, Locheil Be True champion ex.3
Sunday: B. Dream Chaser ex.2, res.CAC, B. Dragonfly ex.1, CAC, res.CACIB, B. Cunning Vixen ex.4, Locheil Be True ex.2, res.CAC



11. November 2013
I've had some issues or how to say that, although we do regularly long excursions with my friends and alone with the dogs, and Rosie does agility with my friend Erika
and sometimes we also visit the sheep... Life is not always easy. But their are sunny days as you can see:



28. October 2013
And our other sport achivement from Orsolya Sándor and Jo (Bordermania Cruella de Vil): Bratislava, Danube Dance Cup and Trick Show
Heelwork To Music 2. class 1. place! You are awsome! (Photo from Orsi's Facebook-site.)

Orsi and Jo


27. October 2013.
I'm so very proud of these result of Betty Végh and Flower! They do a great job together, started to compete in agility (the second photo is from Betty's Facebook-site):
22. September: pre-beginner 1. place, 29. September: beginner jumping 1. and 2. place
, 5. October: pre jumping 1. és 1. place, 27. October: pre 1. és 1. place.
And Betty is really humble about her successes.

Flo and BettyFlo and Betty


25. October 2013
The nicest thing happened in the previous time, that Wendy has found the perfect owners! In my opinion they fit well together, and they've already started the dog school in Germany.
I can hear about the young lady every week many times as Zsolt, Jutka (and their son Zsolti) tell me lot about their common life with Wendy.

Wendy és Zsoltik


29. September 2013
The Slovakian club show again, very well organized, nice judge, cups, gifts like always. Bordermania Dream Chaser intermediate class CAC,
Bordermania Dragonfly intermediate bitch CAC, Vixen open bitch CAC, Skye champion bitch CAC, club-winner, breeding group1. hely. Photos here.



29. August - 1. September 2013.
The other yearly camp in Rakaca... Drank a lot, ate a lot, walking, talking, laughing - just pressed the turn off button, bye-bye World!
Thank you Ildikó Mózes for the organization! More photo



24. August 2013
Finn (Locheil Finnishing First) with Emese at the Juliius K9 cup, Zalaegerszeg, grade 3 after winning agility A2 run!!! And the video

Finn A3Finn agility


19-22. August 2013
Yearly herding camp, very-very hot days over 40 Celsius... The two most handsome boys there:

Áron és Dávid


28. July 2013
Kisma (B. Dark Mirage) competed with owner Katja at her first obedience competition, 125/200 points. Well done, ladies!


21. July 2013
1. Overnight Dog Dancing Competition:
Betty Végh with Flower (B. Dwynwen) trick competition 1. place
Again Betty Végh and Flo 1.
class 1. place
Orsolya Sándor with Josephine (B. Cruella de Vil) 2. class2. place
Emese Fazekas with Finn (Locheil Finnishing First) 3. class 2. place

I'll add some videos soon. Congratulations ladies!!!

23. June 2013
Our adult puppies had an incredibly successful weekend.
On Saturday Lír,
Bordermania Core of the Tornado with owner Nóri two clear agility runs in beginner class - a 1. and a 2. place.
Oroszlány, D.O.G.S. dog dancing cup, Josephine,
Bordermania Cruella De Vil with Orsi 1. class 1. place (with a HTM routine) - here you can watch it
Same place, same cup,
Bordermania Dwynwen, Flower with Betty in tricks competition also first place - here is the video

On Sunday, Bordermania Ddraig Goch Rovaniemi International Show CACIB.

Should I say how proud I am? Thank you, you are all fantastic!

Lír agilityJo and Flower DDDanny CACIB


16. June 2013
Bordermania Ddraig Goch, Danny in Sweden (Tromsö) res.CACIB! These lovely photos are from Katja.

Danny and KismaDanny and KatjaDanny and Kisma are playing


9. June 2013
Bordermania Dragonfire, Hugó after the basic obedience exam passed another basic exam (skillness), 97 points of 100! Congrats Barbi!
And we shouldn't forget about Lír (Bordermania Core of the Tornado) and her owner Nóri. They competed in their very first agility competition, and achieved a 3. place in beginner class.
Well done!


1. June 2013
Emese with Finn at the Smaragf cup and IMCA qualification, agility A2, 4. place. The video is here


1. June 2013
Still some puppies are looking for owners! More information on actual litter site.


20. May 2013
Bordermania kennelday in Portelek, Szarvas-ranch. I am so thankful for you all being there! All of my photos are here



18-19. May 2013
Long, tiring, interesting, surprising weekend, but we had fun and very nice guests: Felicia and Milo visited us!
On Saturday Middle-East-European Cup and club show in Gödöllő. River (Dream Chaser) junior class JCAC, Brian (Devil May Care) excellent 4., Milo (Can't Pretend) open CAC,
Chili (Aromo Amoroso) res.CAC, Forest champion excellent, Nessie (Dragonfly) junior excellent, Vixen (Cunning Vixen) open very good.
On Sunday World Dog Show in Budapest. River very good, Milo excellent, Forest excellent, Nessie excellent, Vixen CAC, res.CACIB (!!!!!!!), Skye (Locheil Be True) champion res.CAC.

open malesChili
Vixen movingVixen CAC, res.CACIBSkye movingC litter family


17. May 2013
On Thursday Felicia has arrived from Denmark with her friend Malene and dog Milo and Zorro. This photo was taken on Friday, mum Skye with Vixen and Milo.

Skye, Vixen, Milo


11. May 2013
One: dog dancing competition inPestújhely. Orsolya Sándor with Josephine beginner heelwork to music 1. place!Betty Végh with Flower beginner trick category 3. place!
WELL DONE GIRLS!!! Photos here. Orsi's routine: Betty's routine:


Two: Emese and Finn had a nice run at the IMCA qualification (A2).


6. May 2013
It looks like I don't have time to refresh the actual litter site today, but here is a link to the photos of the one day old E babies


5. May 2013
Our puppies were born today, and mum and babies are doing fine! We have 10: 3 black and white males, 3 black and white females,
2 blue and white males, 1 blue and white female and one ee-red female.
Single shots will follow on Tuesday.

Bonnie and babiesBonnie babies


27. April 2013
Emese with Finn, Monor cup, open agility 5. place. Watch the video!


27. April 2013
Great and successful day in Slovakia. BBBCK club show (37 BCs entered). River, Bordermania Dream Chaser (junior) ex.1., jCAC, BOS, junior BIS, Nessie, Bordermania Dragonfly (junior)
ex.1., JCAC, Chili, Bordermania Aromo Amoroso (open) ex.2., res.CAC, Vixen, Bordermania Cunning Vixen (open) ex.1., CAC under judge Ms. Heather Turner.
In the photos: River moving, River jBIS, Chili with Csilla, Enikő with Nessie, Vixen and the show team.

And even more important: our cute C's are 2 years old today! Thank you for their excellent owners for loving them so much!

River movingRiver jBISCsilla and ChiliEnikő with Nessie

Vixen movingBordermania show team


22. April 2013
Perfect herding day with Éva and Áron, Vica and Zoli and Chilla. Photos here


18. April 2013
Kisma, Bordermania Dark Mirage has hips A/A, elbows, shoulders, patellas free! Congrats Katja!


5. April 2013
We took with Julcsi Bonnie to make an ultrasound. It was very obvious that Bonnie is pregnant - very pregnant as we could see at least 10 living puppies... OMG!
(In the photo 5 of them are visible.) Take a look at our Actual litter site.

Bonnie UH - öt magzat egy képen


30. March 2013
Our B's are also 3 years old already! Thank you all who came with us for a nice walk!



25. March 2013
Kisma (Bordermania Dark Mirage) Best Junior, CAC,BOB again in Finland, Rautalampi, judge: Paivi Eerola.
She visited with owner Katja 4 shows all together, 3 ended with class win in junior, 2x BOB. I'm proud. :-) (Photo: Katja Sulkala)

Kisma Bordermania Dark Mirage


7. March 2013
Happy birthday to our D litter! Tigon, Nessie, Hope, Tuuli, Brian, Hugo, Kisma, Flower, Danny, River!


4-5. March 2013
Puppies on the way!!! Bonnie has been mated by Connor, fingers crossed now for some beautiful pups!
More info on actual litter page.


2. March 2013
Herding! We had a wonderful weather, I love Spring! Photos here

Vixen movingherding


28. February 2013
Rosie's started agility with my good friend. She is now 7 years old, but so happy to be envolved into a new sport!
This video is of their practice



17. February 2013
Finn with Emese Tárnok, át Kraft cup, agility A2 4. place! Here is the video


January-february 2013
And my own pack... We go for herding almost every week, no matter how the weather is: raining, snowing, cold or mud... Some photos:

herdingherdingherding with MoritzVixen herding

And we walk every day about two hours near to our house:

togethertogether 2.posingMoritz herding

And make excursions, here for example to the Kevély:

Kevély sorKevély together


24. (and 26.) January 2013
Happy 4 birthday to my very precious A litter! We organized a party with guests, balloons and even a birthday cake. :-)

birthday groupbirthdaybirthday


21. January (and the week before)
Hope and owner Anita visited Hungary and us. They try almost all kind of dog sports, looking for their favorites. Here you can see their second search and rescue training.
(in the beginning there is Merlin with Gábor, Merlin is already an expert.)

Hope, Bordermania Dance of Hope


13. January 2013
The first international dog show in Finnland. Kisma JCAC, BOB!
And if it's about Kisma. Here you can see her with Katja learning obedience:
And here is she preparing to dog shows: