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His co-owner, Emese Fazekas (Iceblazer Team) described him so:
Falcor has came from Scotland, from the
Locheil Kennel. Altough his parents are the descendants of some of the top Australian showdogs, they're both workaholics, so we expected very much from him regarding the shows and sports too. While he's still very young, it seems he'll fulfill our hopes: his elegant appearance, outstanding structure, and effortless, almost flying movement consorts with lively, alert and kind temperament. He's very fast and agile, and he wants to please very much. As in his soul he's still a puppy, he's shown great talent in every sport he tried (dog-dancing, agility, herding, dogsledding, frisbee) and we hope, he will take up with some of these on a competitive level. He's always happy, and extremly friendly, and anybody can be prey to his love-storms (jumping into the neck, licking), who's dare to give him some nice words. He loves the puppies, and he shows agression toward other dogs only if they bother him durnig work. He fights out the attention every time, and he's always on the go. Thank you very much Heather, that we can have Falcor, as he is.

Falcor died after a short illness, we will miss him always.


Pikkupaimenen Forget Me Not At Locheil

CEA, TNS DNA clear, PRA free, HD A

CH Nahrof Shadow of Mercy

CH Glentress Show No Mercy

CH Wiralee Moon Shadow

CH Pikkupaimenen Cherry Sling

Int.,Aust.,Finn., Dk. CH, WW, EW
Minimbah Showdown

Int., Finn, Dk. Est. Ch.
Pikkupaimenen Cherry Coctail

Wayside Spring Classic At Locheil

CEA, TNS DNA clear

CH Borderfame Choc Chill

Lucratif Original Chill

Borderfame Ravers Delite



Am.Ch. Borderfame Brooklyn Roads

Aust.Ch. Borderfame Alusive Lover

Aust.Ch. Borderfame Soul Destinity


Hips: FCI A
Eyes clear in 6 weeks and 1 year
53 cm



08.08.2007., Kecskemét CACIB, puppy class: very promising

30.03.2008., Austria, international dog dancing competition, 1. class: 3. place

28.04.2008., Miskolc CACIB, junior class (judge: Sándor Szabó): excellent 3

29.04.2008, Miskolc CACIB, junior class (judge: Stefan Sinko): HPJ

10. May 2008, Budapest CACIB, junior class (judge: dr. Tamás Jakkel): excellent 4.

24.05.2008., Budapest, dog dancing competition, 1. class: 1. place

06.06.2008, Nyitra CACIB, junior class: CAJC

06.06.2008, Nyitra club show, junior class: junior clubwinner

07.06.2008, Tiszafüred CAC, junior class (judge: Béla P. Szabó): HPJ

14.06.2008, Pécs CACIB, junior class: excellent 1

12.07.2008, herding instinct exam

19.07.2008, Szombathely CACIB, intermediate class (judge: Jean-Paul Kerihuel): CAC, res.CACIB

20.07.2008, Oberwart CACIB, intermediate class (judge: Brigitte Bregenzer): CACA

16. August 2008., lucky dip dog dancing competition, A class: 1. place

30. August 2008, Debrecen CACIB, intermadiate class (judge: Dániel Harsányi): res.CAC

31. August 2008, Debrecen CACIB, intermadiate class (judge: Béla P. Szabó): CAC

7. September 2008, Kecskemét CAC, intermadiate class (judge: dr. Gábor Hargitai): CAC, BOB

27. September 2008, Tulln club show, intermadiate class (judge:): CACA, adult clubwinner

28. September 2008, Tulln CACIB, intermadiate class (judge:): CAC, res.CACIB

4. October 2008, Budapest club show, intermadiate class (judge: Ruth Wagner): excellent 4.

5. October 2008., European Dog Show, intermadiate class (judge: Heidi Poschacher): excellent 3.



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