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27. April 2011, black-white




Vixen is an unbelievable special little lady. She is cute, feminine and sweet, with a perfect sense of humour. She is clever and fast, runs with maximum speed if possible, but at home, soft and to be loved and cuddled. We can laugh with her a lot because she "tells" us her jokes with a smiling face.
She has a show carrier I've never expected because of her split face. Her movement is simply outstanding, she is happy in the show ring, friendly with other dogs and people.


Locheil Be True

19. February 2012, Budapest CACIB, junior (judge: Mr. John Walsh): ex. 3.
21. April 2012, Slovakian club show, junior (judge: Tarja Löfman): ex. 1., JCAC, junior club winner, BOB

19. May 2012, világkiállítás, Salzburg (Ausztria), junior (judge: Mr. G. Jeavons): ex. 1., JCAC, junior world winner
20. May 2012, world club show Salzburg, junior (judge: ): ex. 1., JCAC, junior club winner
28. September 2012, Tulln (Austria), intermediate (judge: ): ex. 1., CAC

29. September 2012, Tulln, club show, intermediate (judge: ): ex. 2., res.CAC
21. October 2012, Komárom club show, intermediate (judge: Heidi Poschacher): ex. 1., CAC
24. November 2012., BBBCK club show, intermediate (judge: Mr. Barrie M. Croft): ex. 1., CAC, adult club winner, BOB

??. March 2013, Austria, intermediate (judge): excellent
27. April 2013., BBBCK club show, open (judge: Ms. Heather Turner): ex. 1., CAC

18. May 2013, Gödöllő, club show, open (judge: Angela Allen): very good
19. May 2013., World Dog Show, open (judge: Ms. Christina Bailey): ex. 1., CAC, res.CACIB


Locheil Be True

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