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2015. május 2., fekete-fehér


Sally portrait

She's my second girl who's been ment to live with a co-owner but somehowe was returned to me. We've been waiting for another co. for months, but somehow not the right persons were interested. Meanwhile we visited the sheep, the puppy class and she moved from friend to friend to get the best socialization possible.
I had to take up with the idea that she stays with me. Sally is the kindest dog ever, with an open heart towards people, very easy to live with her. She loves life and thinks life is a joy and happiness, and everything is right just like it is. She requires the possibility to run a lot day by day.
We've started a basic obedience course with Sally and also visit the sheep time to time. She passed the herding instinct test.



19-21. February 2016, FeHoVa dogshow, youth class: all three days HPJ, best junior, and BOS on Sunday
15. March 2016, Portelek: herding instinct test



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