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Simaro Chase The Star - Locheil Be True
7. March 2012, black and white



It's Enikő Szűcs, Nessie's co-owner who described her so:

Nessie is the most perfect fellow in the whole word! She does what I expect from her to do: if I want so she does agility, if I want, she plays frisbee, or works with sheep. But if we are at home, she is calm and able to relax. It's really easy to handle her and ready to get used to new things fast. And just the ice on the cake that she has such a lovely, perfect head and body.

I (Judit) would add some more info to this: Enikő is a perfect owner, who works a lot day by day to have such a good dog like Nessie (it is not so easy with a border collie as you would think reading her description!). She works at a shelter where Nessie is always with other dogs (small and big, wild and friendly), and she meets also with other kinds of animals, drom the mini piglets to the horses as well.
Nessie is great with children and disabled persons, they visit that a home for these people on a weekly basis. Nessie is extremely fast on the agility field, sometimes even too fast, but they work hard to correct the mistakes.
And we shouldn't forget about sheep: they are better and better and hopefully this year they can take the working exam.



24. November 2012., Slovakian club show, puppy class (judge: Barrie M. Croft): very promising, puppy BIS
27. April 2013., BBBCK club show, junior (judge: Heather Turner): excellent 1., JCAC

More results come...


Hips and elbows x-ray:

Nessie hipsNessie elbowsNessie elbows 2.


Some photos:

NessieNessie3Nessie agiNessie terel



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