Puppies were born on 7. March out of Locheil Be True and Simaro Chase The Star!
We have 10 puppies, 5 males, 5 females, all black and white.

Skye and Lennox

Puppy pedigree Simaro Chase The Star (Lennox) Tullacrest Ice Man Aus. Ch. Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts
Tullacrest Insatiable
Borderline Country Champagne Multi Ch. Cinlock Catchword
Borderline Country Tiffany
Locheil Be True (Skye) Sh. Ch. Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender Multi Ch. Nahrof The Cohort
Am. Fin Ch. Pikkupamenen Front Page News
Nice Of You To Come Bye Fields Of Gold Am. Ch. Pikkupaimenen Dream Catcher
Rhonabwy Awsome Lady


1. male Dare To Dream
owner: Reinfried Rauscher (Austria)

1. male1. male

Born.: 13.50, 270 g
1 week: 500
2 weeks: 920 g


Health: CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

Tigon and Reini


2. bitch Dragonfly
owne: Enikő Szűcs + breeder

2. bitch
2. bitch

Born.: 14.43, 320 g
1 week: 570 g
2 weeks?:940 g


Health: CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

Nessie és Enikő
3. bitch Dance Of Hope
owner: Anita Barizs

3. bitch3. bitch

Born.: 15.23, 300 g
1 week: 440 g
2 weeks: 780 g


Health: CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

Hope és Anita

4. bitch Dorothy Gale
owner: Gábor Németh + breeder

4. bitch4. bitch

Born.: 17.00, 245 g
1 week: 360 g
2 weeks: 610 g


CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

Tuuli és Gábor

5. male Devil May Care
owner: Gabriella Takács

5. male5. male

Born.: 17.50, 355 g
1 week: 570 g
2 weeks: 1000 g


Health: CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

Brian és Gabi


6. male Dragonfire
owner: Barbara Harsányi

6. male6. male

Born.: 19.10, 310 g
1 week: 570 g
2 weeks: 950 g


Health: CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

Hugo és Barbi



7. bitch Dark Mirage
owner: Katja Sulkala (Finnland)

7. bitch7. bitch

Born.: 19.42, 320 g
1 week: 630 g
2 weeks: 1080 g

CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+, hips A, elbows, shoulders, patella clear

Kisma és Katja
8. bitch Dwynwen
owner: Betty Végh

8. bitch8. bitch
Born.: 20.00, 290 g
1 week: 430 g
2 weeks: 740 g
Health: CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+
Flower és Betty
9. male Ddraig Goch "Danny"
owner: Sari Solanti (Pikkupaimenen) and Mirva and Leevi Maanselka

9. male9. male
Born.: 21.00, 350 g
1 week: 700 g
2 weeks: 1070 g
Health: CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+, hips A/A, elbows, shoulders free, eyes clear inc. gonioscopy
Mirva and Leevi

10. male Dream Chaser
owner: Vali Misi-Kovács + breeder

10. male10. male

Born.: 22.00, 390 g
1 week: 690 g
2 weeks: 1010 g

CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

River és Vali

Pics of the 8. week

Pics of the 7. week

Pics of the 6. week

Pics of the 5. week

Dare to Dream
Devil May Care
Ddraig Goch
Dream Chaser
Dare to Dream
Devil May Care
Ddraig Goch
Dare to Dream
Devil May Care
Ddraig Goch
Dream Chaser
Dance of Hope
Dorothy Gale
Dark Mirage
Dance of Hope
Dorothy Gale
Dark Mirage
Dance of Hope
Dorothy Gale
Dark Mirage


Everything is fine. :-) The puppies are healthy, have a great appetite, love life and enjoy being a pup. Also Dorothy is
a perfect little lady now, a bit smaller than the others, but not weeker, she is a brave and lovely little lady. The weather is cold,
I don't dare to let them out in the garden, but they play happily in our living room Just like that (video).
Photos of the 4. week

Photos of the 3. week

Photos of the 2. week

Sooooo many puppies! It's not easy to feed them all, to find a place at mum, like a puzzle, putting all of them on the tits, good places
for smaller puppies, bigger ones in the second line. We had to work hard on the smallest puppy's feeding, but she is a fighter and loves life. :-)
We have one more special character, the 9 puppy - he is loud and strong, and a terrible thing I could laught at a lot - if he wouldn't think
he should cry trough the night. Bad puppy!
Photos of the 1. week

Waiting is always too long... Poor Skye, looked like a big, hairy, black and white balloon in the last two weeks. I was sure about having a lot of
puppies (again), but so many... She is a hero mum, takes care of her babies very well, feeds them, lick them, loves them. I love them all too,
my only problem is that it's hard to distinguish one from the other. Strange situation for a breeder. Now we are tired but very proud,
welcome to the world little dragon babies!

Photos of the new born pups

D litter Bordermania




If you are interested in a puppy, please be prepared for some questions. Border collie is a special breed with special requirements,
definitely not a breed for everyone. I would like to know if you would be the right owner for our beloved puppies, and would be very
thankful if you wrote some words about you, your lifestyle and plans with your new dog.




Today, on 1. February I couldn't wait any longer, we went for an untrasound. Although in the last few days I've been seeing
some good signs, I needed a confirmation. And got it. :-) We could see at least six healthy puppies, the hearts were beating already,
the vet's tip was 8 puppies all together. I'm happy!

US Skye uterusUS Skye heart beat frequencyUS Skye 3 puppiesUS Skye heart


We travelled (Skye and I) to Pardubice on 5. January, where Lennox lives. Had a terrible weather, snow, crazy wind, and my little girl got
sick to Friday (vomiting and she didn't want to eat or drink at all) , all together we had two tiring days, although Helena Pulpanova (Foxy Fox
kennel) was helpful and nice and the city is beautiful. And Lennox is a lovely, lively male, I was so happy to find again a boy with excellent
character and great movement to my little girl. The mating went well, they didn't need help at all. So, please cross your fingers for having
some healthy puppies, we've been working on it hard.

Thank you Helena, for your help, Silvia, for your support, and a big thank you to our vet, Sándor Csizmadi, who is always ready to help us,
when my dogs are sick, it can be night or weekend, Christmas or New Year's day!

Skye (Locheil Be True) started her season on 24. December 2011 (which day could have been better?). It was difficult to find the appropriate
male to her, both in quality, health and temperament and pedigree. Our final decision was
Lennox, Simaro Chase The Star, who is a very
interesting combination of his mother, Borderline Country Champagne - winning CC at the Crufts (and she well deserved it!) - and of his father,
Tullacrest Ice Man - an imposing male living in Australia. I have to say a huge thank you to his breeder, the owner of the kennel Simaro,
Silvia Adelsperger, who is known of her excellent work in our special breed. Lennox was born in Germany and lives in the Czech Republic.
Both parents are CEA, CL, TNS clear, eyes tested clear, gonioscopy clear, Hips A, elbows, shoulders free, herding instinct tested.
We expect black and white puppies, and there is a small chance to ee-reds.

Lennox headLennox stackedSkye standSkye





I would like to have puppies from Borsi (Bordermania Aurora Borealis) in 2012. Actually, I wanted to mate her this year, but couldn't find
the perfect male to her. Now at least I have some ideas what to look for. Borsi has an extraordinary personality. She works
on 110% for her owner, always ready to learn, run or what Hajni just expects from her. She is friendly with adults and children,
dogs and puppies. They do dog frisbee with Hajni, and she is excellent in doing tricks or just running after the frisbee and catching it.
I enter her sometimes to dog shows, and she tries to do her best: we have some class winnings and at the World Dog Show
in Slovenia she was excellent 4.