Our C litter was born on 29. April!
HCH Locheil Be True - Int. CH Borderline Country Tornado

8 puppies, 3 boys, 5 girls, mum and babies are doing well.

All of the puppies are spoken for! But stil 2 beautiful, classically marked bitch puppies are looking for an owner at kennel Bordertréowe.

loveSkye and Tommy

Locheil Be True +Borderline Country Tornado=Tommy, Skye

We were just looking and looking... and could not find the perfect match to Skye, although the solution stood and moved in front of us at many shows.
There was only one male we have been admiring for years,
Tommy. And yes, we hope he will be the excellent choice,
who would complement our Skye in every aspects. He has a lovely strong head, excellent conformation, and he hasn't got a bad step in the show-ring.
Beyond that he likes to work: obedience and herding - passed the herding exam. He is a son of the well known Borderfame Heart N Soul.
He is a multi Best of Breed winner in countless shows, Austrian, German, Hungarian, Slovakian, International Champion, veteran Best in Show.
Hips free (A), CL, TNS free, CEA carrier, eyes clear, gonioscopy normal.
Visit his page at Borderline Country website.

Skye is an beautiful bitch with a nice head, an outstanding movement and an athletic construction. We are incredibly proud of her achievements,
she won, or was always one of the best at many shows under well known breed specialists. She is not "just" beautiful, she has a good herding instinct,
and makes a great job with me in obedience. Fulfilled already the conditions of the Hungarian championship,
will follow hopefully with the Austrian and Slovakian.
Hips free (A), elbows free, CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+ (free), eyes clear, gonioscopy normal.

Puppies from this litter Multi Ch. Borderline Country Tornado Multi Ch. Borderfame Heart N Soul Aust. Grand Ch. Khayoz Soul Deep
Borderfame Token O Love
Aut. Ch. Lionheart Anya At Borderline Multi Ch. Dykebar Reach For Glory
Deu Ch. From Borders Home A Magic Heart
Locheil Be True Sh. Ch. Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender Multi Ch. Nahrof The Cohort
Am. Fin Ch. Pikkupamenen Front Page News
Nice Of You To Come Bye Fields Of Gold Am. Ch. Pikkupaimenen Dream Catcher
Rhonabwy Awsome Lady




1. male
Core of the Tornado - Lír
owner: Nóra Prinz

Core of the Tornado

Born.: 02.00, 350 g
1 week: 680 g
2 weeks: 1180 g
3 weeks 1550 g


Nóri and LírLír
CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+


2. bitch
Can Not Be True - Suzy
owner: Zsófia Reichert

Can Not Be True

Born.: 02.30, 250 g
1 week: 510 g
2 weeks: 850 g
3 weeks: 1210 g


Zsófi and SuzySuzy
Health: CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

3. male
Clap of Thunder - Merlin
owner: Gábor Németh

Clap of Thunder

Born.: 03.00, 340 g
1 week: 690 g
2 weeks: 1130 g
3 weeks: 1600 g


Gábor and MerlinMerlin
CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

4. bitch
Chaos Theory - Marcipán
owner: Johanna Fáth

Chaos Theory

Born.: 03.30, 280 g
1week: 590 g
2 weeks 1000 g
3 weeks 1500 g


Johanna and MarcipánMarcipán
CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+

5. bitch
Cyclone Eye - Leia
co-owner: Dóra Erdész

Cyclone Eye

Born.: 04.00, 280 g
1 week: 580 g
2 weeks: 920 g
3 weeks: 1360 g


Dóri and LeiaLeia
CEA carrier, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+


6. male
Can't Pretend - Milo
owner: Felicia Céline Olsen

Can't Pretend

Born.: 04.30, 300 g
1 week: 590 g
2 weeks: 1020 g
3 weeks: 1490 g


Felicia and MiloMilo
CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+
Read more about Milo on Felicia's website




7. bitch
Cruella De Vil - Josephine
owner: Orsolya Sándor

Cruella De Vill
Born.: 05.15, 310 g
1 week: 700 g
2 weeks: 1070 g
3 weeks: 1560 g

Orsi and JosephineJosephine
CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+


8. bitch
Cunning Vixen - Vixen

Cunning Vixen

Born: 06.00, 310 g
1 week: 720 g
2 weeks: 1160 g
3 weeks: 1610 g

CEA, CL, TNS free, MDR1 +/+



7 weeks old puppies


6 weeks old puppies


5 weeks old - I would like so much know better English to write you how sweet our puppies are. They play all they long, and are very busy.
Everything has to be smelt, tasted, chewed and eaten. The whole word, or at least that part of it they can see, is a playground.
They live together with my adult dogs, so they can learn what is allowed to do with them and what isn't, this is the dog language
they learn incredibly quickly. They love people, run after every big shoe they see, and jump on it. They like to be cuddled,
and give big kisses to our guests. They are almost house-trained, cry very early in the morning that they want to go out in the garden.

Pics on the 39. day. More pics of 5 weeks pups here.

CoreoftheTornado Can Not Be True Clap of Thunder Chaoy Theory Cyclone Eye Can't Pretend Cruella De Vil Cunning Vixen
Core of the Tornado Can Not Be True Clap of Thunder Chaos Theory Cyclone Eye Can't Pretend Cruella de Vil Cunning Vixen
Core of the Tornado Can Not Be True Clap of Thunder Chaos Theory Cyclone Eye Can't Pretend Cruella De Vil Cunning Vixen


4 weeks old


21 days old


15 days old
Core Of The TornadoCan Not Be TrueClap Of ThunderChaos TheoryCyclone EyeCan't PretendCruella De VilCunning Vixen


The babies are 13 days old today, some eyes are already opened, some not. They start to play, lick their own paws, make cute noises,
are incredibly lovely. This pic was taken yesterday.
Cunning Vixen


4 days old puppies
Core of the TornadoCan Not Be TrueClap of ThunderChaos TheoryCyclone EyeCan't PretendCruella De VilCunning Vixen


On the 62 day the birth went very easy, and Skye is a perfect mother, takes care of the babies very well and loves them so much!
More pics of the 1. day here

And a video, one day old at the milk bar





Please before you call or e-mail me, consider: the border collie is NOT a breed for everyone!
The characteristics of this breed make him a joy to own and train but at the same time may make them unsuitable
as a general family pet; unless you are prepared to provide your border with some activity to exercise his body and mind
he may well find something himself...
And you won't be happy with it!